How to Avoid A Poorly Designed School Mindfulness Program

mindful magazine offers suggestions for a model of mindfulness in schools based on best practices. Educators' personal practice is stressed as essential for being able to support their students' experiential learning. My personal favorite is Mindful Kids Miami's model of teacher training which requires MBSR as a pre-requisite, followed by a comprehensive 12 week mindfulness training for teachers to prepare them to teach developmentally appropriate exercises in the classroom.

Adapted from "Mindfulness in Schools: Potential Problems and How to Fix Them":

  1. Know the difference between focused awareness and mindful awareness
  2. Put on your own oxygen mask first - embody mindfulness
  3. Avoid ‘top-down’ implementation
  4. Get buy-in at every level

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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Depression

Mark Williams, one of the founders of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, shares the findings that participation in MBCT can reduce the risk of relapse by half in individuals with three or more episodes of depression. He compares this to the efficacy of maintenance antidepressants and explains some of the brain circuitry behind the findings: compassion and empathy are able to be activated, without the coupling of building a story which activates the fight or flight response.