The ability to live fully can be trained

Our vision is to change the way we develop the mind by providing evidence-based training for full engagement with life. We do this by supporting individuals in developing deeper relationship to self, others, and the world around us by offering mindfulness-based resilience and performance trainings that cultivate mental fitness.




The growing body of scientific research on neuroplasticity supports our belief that across the life span anything worth getting better at can be trained. We facilitate positive change by empowering individuals to maximize their own innate capabilities of mind. 


Our courses are grounded in neuroscience and best practices in the field of mindfulness. Our instructors follow the international standards for certifying mindfulness professionals; thousands of lifetime hours of meditation, a commitment to ongoing daily practice, annual retreat attendance, mentorship and continuing education.




Headquartered in the mountain west, we recognize that rural and tribal communities are the heart of the mountains that serve as our inspiration. In this spirit, we commit to including developing regions and underserved populations of the world in the audiences that we serve.


We remain creative and nimble in the ways that we deliver our trainings in order to respond and meet the unique needs of diverse audiences.